Our Mission:

Skill-Score ® will:

  1. Remain the Gold standard in quantifying professionals’ work and Skill History ®
  2. Empower member employers to search perfect fit for their open positions objectively, accurately, instantly and inexpensively.
  3. Become the first choice for employers and employees to fill open positions with quantitatively matched most suited candidates.
  4. Facilitate to measurably improve specific skills at individual contributor level, corporate level and at their respective industry level.
  5. Facilitate employers to have access to industry experts to make diligent choices for complex issues.
  6. Provide state of the art, fully data-centric approach to accomplish the mission and will fully support environmental sustainability.
  7. Distribute 10% of the income among charities that support education of bright students who can’t afford the cost of their education


Our Vision:

The concept of Skill Score ® will become the standard system to evaluate candidates’ core technical skills and soft skills (business acumen, personnel, leadership and financial skills) in all professional industries.  We will remain the most innovative company in pursuit of improving skill levels of professionals, their employers’ organizations and their entire respective industries in a data-centric manner.  We will help eradicate the subjectivity and non-value added processes from talent acquisition and retention processes.