Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will it take me to showcase my skills in Skill Score ®?
A: If you remember the skills you gained at various jobs since you started working, it should take you less than 15 minutes to showcase your profile.  You can always start developing your profile and come back to it later to start where you left it last time.

Q: Who can see my profile?
A: Only Hiring Managers with valid membership will be able to see your profile if it matches their requisite skill set selection.  Hiring Managers with Browsing rights only will only be able to see your profile without knowing your contact details or picture if your profile matches their skill matching/search criteria.  There is no peer to peer visibility.

Q: Do I need to keep looking for job postings and maintain my Resume (CV) as well if I have my profile in Skill Score ®?
A: That is the key benefit to both; employees and employers to be on Skill Score ®.  Participating employers will never need to advertise any open position.  Similarly, if your profile is complete and up to date, you don’t need to upload your resume (CV) again on any non-responsive pool or resumes.  Your skills and strengths will be matched automatically during ‘skill matching’ process by hiring managers.

Q: Will it ask me my credit card details or my social Security Number (SSN) or my National Insurance Number (NINO for the UK) or Social Insurance Number (SIN for Canada)?
A: Skill Score ® will never ask you your credit card details if you are joining as a potential candidate.  Please refer to membership and fee structure if you signing up as an employer.  We will never ask you your SSN, NINO, SIN or other confidential information in either case.

Q: Is there any contract or trial period if signing as an employer?
A: There is no contract.  You can leave the program at any time.

Q: Why would engineers develop yet another online profile?
A: Research shows that demand for engineering is extremely prevalent for 2017 and beyond (one of the top 3 professions).  Skill Score ® allows the industry to find and recruit strategically with least risk, least time to hire and least cost. Since Skill Score will let the employers find the engineers, it will allow engineer focus on their current job rather than spending time looking for the ‘better’ job.  Hence, this will help the corporates improve their engineering productivity.

Q: Why would engineers get their self-appraised skill ratings endorsed by their current or past supervisors?
A: Genuinely capable engineers will not hesitate to seek feedback from their SME colleagues or their supervisors.  They would rather use this input to identify their areas of improvement. Also, Engineers are used to getting their profiles endorsed e.g. on NCEES that streamlines the process to get Professional Engineering licenses in all states by reciprocity.  Skill Score ® is no different from that perspective.

Q: Would employers not treat employees with their profile in Skill-Score ® less favorably for promotions or other challenging roles within their organizations?
A: The world is changing!  Employers know that the deciding factor for the good employees to stay with them or to look for a new job is; how aggressive is their career advancement and how stimulating their current job is (or future job should be) from both financial and intellectual/job satisfaction perspective.  Hence, having a profile in Skill Score ® gives the message to their current employers and potential future employers that you are ambitious and are always looking to grow your career positively.