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Skills-Score™ is the credit score for your engineering career.

How it works


Develop Profile

Professionals develop their profile (Skill-History ®) using our very well structured menus.

Skill-Score ® Calculated

Skill-Score ® calculates their Skill Score which can be endorsed by their supervisors and skill specific Subject Matter Expert (SME) colleagues.

Matches Are Found

Employers find matches based on skills and credentials they need in their next employee through statistically driven skill matching algorithms


How we add value to Candidates and Employers



DescriptionSkill-Score ®Traditional Talent Search Process
Membership FeeFREEYes (for premium membership)
"Wish You Luck" Bonus (on getting hired)Up to $1000 (£650)None
CV required for each job opportunityNoYes
Cover Letter required for each job opportunityNoYes
Need to chase each opportunityNeverYes


DescriptionSkill-Score ®Traditional Talent Search Process
Time to select a suitable candidateSame Day6+ Weeks
Average Man-Hours spent to post a position on job boards040
Average Man-Hours spent to review CVs0100
Average Man-Hours spent to select a candidate (interview and collect references)260
Ability to consider “Passive Candidates”YesNo
Ability to select perfectly (numerically) matched candidates for the given positionYesNo
Quality of hire on scale of 10 (10 being the highest quality i.e. least risk)101
Potential Cost Of Bad Hire (COBH)$0 (£0) Zero$50,000+ (£31,000+)
(Source: CareerBuilder survey of 6,000 hiring managers and HR professionals worldwide, 2013).
Membership fee per month$50 (£30)$500++ (£300++)
Recruiter’s fee (% or hired employee's annual salary)8.3%20% to 35%
Total cost to hire one engineer (assuming $100K annual salary and @ $100 per Man-Hour hiring cost)$8.5K$40K to $55K

Top 5 Reasons for candidates to showcase your profile

  • 1
    Job Search is a challenging task in itself, particularly when done while working full time. Skill-Score ® offers the platform to showcase your Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Professional Credentials within the Engineering field in an entirely data-centric approach. Candidates do not have to search for open positions any longer. Allow Hiring Managers to find you in the most efficient manner.
  • 2
    Quantify your CV(it’s now known as ‘Skill-History ®’) Rather than having to update and upload your resume for every open position (that usually never gets reviewed properly, if at all), let your quantified and appraised profile do the trick. Most of the happily employed people miss out on good opportunities just by not being able to undertake this task in the given timeframe.
  • 3
    Career Growth is dependent on your technical abilities and your business acumen, financial, organizational, and leadership skills. Skill-Score ® allows you to measure all your skills and set yourself goal(s) to quantitatively improve these core skills under the mentorship of one of the SMEs in the same skill within this pool of strong professionals.
  • 4
    Crowd Sourcing SMEs. Not many companies can afford SMEs on full time basis. If you are an SME and willing to provide your services while you are employed. Let the world know that you can, and you want to be that ‘go to guy’ somewhere in the cloud. Skill-ScoreTM empowers organizations to find you.
  • 5
    Completely Free The services offered by Skill-Score ® are totally free to anyone who wants to showcase their Skill-History ® here. Additionally, Skill Score will pay you up to $1,000 if you get hired by an organization through Skill-Score ® as a gesture of our good luck to you out of the fee we get from the employers.

Top 5 Reasons for employers to search for ‘that perfect engineer’ here!

  • 1
    Entirely Data-Centric. Finding the right candidate with the core technical skills, experience, financial awareness, business skills, drive and ambition is the number one priority for all successful organizations. If this is yours too, then start here! You will never find a genuinely suitable candidate by reviewing inflated cover letters and searching through subjective & customised Resumes (CVs) using ‘keyword’ searches. By not having passive candidates in the mix, your probability of getting lucky after taking the leap of faith in hiring a new professional is even further dimni ished. Skill Score empowers you to search through active and passive candidates instantly by matching the skills for the position you are actively seeking a candidate for.
  • 2
    Compare Objectively. By short listing the ‘matches’, you can now numerically compare and sort them the way you wish. The computed Skill Score of each profile owner allows you to gauge if the candidate is a technical genius or if he/she is a leader who can execute the job effectively and efficiently or best in both traits. No other platform that allows you to do just that! Described further later in this document.
  • 3
    Least Risk/Improved quality of hire. Collecting post interview subjective references is a Non-Value Added task and only allows you to have a check mark in the box. Skill-Score ® offers you more reliable endorsements as part of the profile i.e. the selected candidates are likely to have measurable and endorsed pedigree and will ensure you have selected the right person for the right job from the get go!
  • 4
    Time to ‘On-Board.’ time to hire in the engineering industry is over 6 weeks. Skill Score allows you to find perfectly ‘matched’ candidate instantly (same day) by eliminating the necessity to post open positions on job boards, advertising, collecting and reviewing CVs, short listing, contacting references etc. This will eliminate avoidable efforts and expense while improving the lead time.
  • 5
    Least Cost. Data shows that more than 92% of employers’ recruitment budget is spent on Job-Boards, Advertising, Recruitment events and Recruitment agency’s fees. Cost of finding the right match objectively through Skill-Score ® is less than 9% of the traditional costs. Ten percent of our revenue will also go to charities that support bright students who can’t afford to pay their cost of education.

What’s in it for Skill-Score ®?


Our high level projected breakdown of revenue: