Achieve Your Potential!

Skills-Score™ is the credit score for your engineering career.

The Concept


A Major transformation of the talent search and development process, particularly in the engineering industry, is imperative and has been intolerably overdue.

In pursuit of finding the solution, we experienced that the world is changing dramatically! ‘Baby boomers’ are retiring at much faster pace than their extensive knowledge is being transferred.  ‘Millennials’ are not only seeking fulfilling careers, they are also expecting accelerated career growths without compromising work-life balance.

The outcome had to satisfy all of these socio-economical & technical challenges. Hence the concept of Skill Score ® was born! A true paradigm shift in a Win-Win approach!

The Gold Standard of Professional Skills Match Making


We are a corporate talent search and development company that connects perfectly matched candidates with employers for their given open positions instantly using data driven, statistically matched Core Technical Skills, Qualifications, and Soft Skills.

What is Skill-Score ®?


Skill Score is a mosaic of all your professional accomplishments at any given time. It depicts your profession such as Mechanical Engineer, your strengths & areas of specialization i.e. proficiency levels of your technical skills, and your project execution abilities i.e. your business acumen, people skills, financial awareness & leadership skills.


How we are different


We are the only company in the world that empowers Employers to reach out to Engineering Professionals, not the other way around. Engineering Professionals do not need to upload their CV or Cover Letter and Employers don’t need to post open positions anywhere, or review CVs, ever!

How it works


This is a paradigm shift in the talent search process!

Instead of subjective CVs, cover letters and chasing open positions, we match candidates with employers based on their desired career growth goals, demographics and professional abilities.  Employers find their perfect matches without posting any open positions.

Develop Profile

Professionals develop their profile (Skill-History ®) using our very well structured menus.

Skill-Score ® Calculated

Skill-Score ® calculates their Skill Score which can be endorsed by their supervisors and skill specific Subject Matter Expert (SME) colleagues.

Matches Are Found

Employers find matches based on skills and credentials they need in their next employee through statistically driven skill matching algorithms